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A Unique Philosophy

We provide couples in Hampshire with a relaxed, neutral environment to enable them to divorce or separate by agreement, in a confidential setting, swiftly and without the need to become involved in the acrimony of Court proceedings.
Depending upon the complexity of the matter we would usually aim to help a couple reach agreement within meetings held over 2 days.
We offer a process avoiding hostile solicitor correspondence or long, drawn out, costly court proceedings and the inevitable difficulties such litigation brings.




All of our services are based on the principles of open and honest meetings with the couple, and are at all times conducted with dignity and focused on the family, prioritising any children.  Our services are tailored to the couple dependent upon the needs of the family as a whole.  All meetings are conducted in a private, neutral hotel setting and involve the couple and professionals working in a collaborative way to achieve the best outcome for your family.

Our services can be used whether you have reached agreement or not in relation to the issues surrounding your separation or divorce.  Our only criteria is that both individuals have a genuine commitment to resolve matters sensibly, without court and with any relevant children being the primary focus.

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