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Can we get divorced without a solicitor?

Yes.  You can issue divorce proceedings with the Court directly or online.  It is a straightforward process that does not always need the assistance of a solicitor, however legal advice should be sought before issuing the divorce proceedings.  We can help you with any questions you may have about the divorce process should you choose to use our services.

We have agreed a financial settlement.  How do we make this binding without solicitors involved?

If you have reached agreement on all financial matters and do not wish to have legal advice upon the merits of the agreement then a legally binding agreement will need to be drafted.  This will be a separation agreement if you are not divorcing or a consent order if you are divorcing.  A solicitor will need to draft the documentation only and we can arrange this for you.

We have agreed a financial settlement, but want to know if it is fair.  How do we do this without upsetting the agreement?

We can arrange a meeting with you both and help appoint collaborative lawyers for each of you.  They will be able to answer any questions and give any required advice in that meeting.  They will be able to advise you both of any risks or concerns surrounding the agreement you have reached, enabling you to proceed with the agreement, or indeed tweak it if necessary, without pulling apart the whole agreement.

We have agreed what will happen to the family home, but have not agreed what will happen with our pensions as we don’t understand them.  What do we do next?

We can arrange a meeting for both of you with an independent pensions expert to help you understand your pensions and how they work.  Depending upon the complexity of the pensions and how they relate to the proposed settlement you may also need lawyers appointed to help and advise you at that meeting.

We have agreed to share the care of our children but cannot agree how to split the school week – how can you help?

We can arrange a meeting for both of you with an independent family consultant to advise and help you agree the arrangements for the children and a parenting plan to avoid future disagreements.  Should you need more detailed legal advice for any reason the family consultant will advise you of this and solicitors can attend the meetings if necessary.

We can’t communicate very well and cannot agree on anything, although both want to avoid court.  Can you help?

An initial intake meeting to assess how to move things forward in the most constructive and cost effective way can be arranged so you can both agree a way forward with the assistance of professionals.